2009 July InfoTech & Telecom News: Internet Sales Tax Coming Soon?

Published July 1, 2009

The July issue of InfoTech & Telecom News reports Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi and Massachusetts Rep. William Delahunt are poised to introduce bills that would clear the constitutional hurdle that keeps Internet commerce sales tax-free for most Americans.

Also in this issue:

* Law enforcement and other government officials should be able to look at cell tower records without first getting a warrant, according to a position the Obama administration is taking in a federal drug case.

* Minnesota’s Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division announced it was ordering 11 ISPs to block computer users’ access to overseas gambling Web sites.

* Hungry for revenue, the city of Chicago is considering using traffic cameras to identify uninsured drivers, hoping to grab up to $200 million per year in fines.

* The owners of a Web site that gave in to threats by Apple Inc. and took down information on how to modify iPhone software have gone to court seeking federal permission to restore the information.

* A congressional committee chair is blaming the LimeWire file-sharing service for a series of high-profile breaches on government computers—but it was government agencies that let the data get out in the first place.

* Legislation pending in California would make it a misdemeanor for a prison inmate to have a cell phone. Other states are considering jamming cell phone signals even though federal law prohibits doing so.