2009 September School Reform News: Doyle Takes Aim at Milwaukee Schoolchildren

Published September 1, 2009

The September 2009 issue of School Reform News welcomes everyone back to school … except students participating in the country’s oldest and largest school voucher program, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, probably don’t feel very welcome. Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle’s new state budget aimed funding cuts and new regulations on the program.

Also in this issue:

* After first rejecting a bill expanding charter schools in Tennessee, state legislators did an abrupt about-face after the federal government threatened the loss of Race to the Top funding.

* Four states—Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Ohio—expanded their school choice programs during the past year and are now reaching more families.

* Universities and community colleges in Texas are able to authorize charter schools under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Perry in June.

* A documentary film describing corruption in New Jersey schools and touting choice as the answer is winning awards—and, advocates hope, changing minds.