2010 February InfoTech & Telecom News (full text PDF)

Published January 15, 2010

The February 2010 issue of InfoTech & Telecom News reports on the Federal Trade Commission’s recently filed lawsuit against Intel Corp., charging the company has illegally worked to stifle competition. Critics said the lawsuit “won’t benefit consumers one bit.” Also in this issue:

  • A Senate bill would limit early termination fees cell phone carriers charge consumers who want to get out of their cell phone contracts early–but that could ending up costing consumers more.
  • A House bill would for the first time allow Federal Communications Commission members to meet in private. Supporters say it’s a necessary fix for government officials asked to regulate an increasingly complex Internet.
  • A debate hosted by CTIA-The Wireless Association brought together both sides of the ongoing net neutrality controversy.
  • Residents in and around Bakersfield, California are blaming faulty “smart meters” for shockingly higher energy bills, sparking a debate about whether governments and utilities should rely so heavily on technology opponents say can be not only wrong but intrusive.
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania has created a citywide wi-fi service, but unlike scores of such schemes that have failed in recent years, this one will be only for city use and will not attempt to provide free service to the public.