2010 June School Reform News (full text pdf)

Published June 1, 2010

The June issue of School Reform News reports on a recent Harvard University study that suggests cash incentives, if correctly employed, can spur improvement in students’ grades, test scores, literacy rates, and behavior.

Also in this issue:

  • The Illinois House of Representatives rejected a bill to establish a pilot voucher program for students in Chicago’s worst public schools.
  • A legal melee is underway in Detroit as status quo defenders fight to stop wide-ranging reforms for the city’s failing schools.
  • Despite a lawsuit and opposition from the unions, a coalition of Detroit educators, parents, city administrators, and private foundations have a plan they say will substantially improve the city’s failing schools over the next decade.
  • A new study finds taxpayers across the United States may be liable for nearly $933 billion in teacher pension costs, much higher than states’ own figures of $332 billion.
  • Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin has introduced a bill that would allow states to avoid laying off teachers in 2010-11 in closing budget deficits. Opponents say Harkin’s plan would create a “new floor” for federal education funding.
  • Despite fierce teachers union opposition, a bill to overhaul teacher tenure and layoff rules in the Golden State has bipartisan backing. Proponents say the bill would help California’s chances in round two of Race to the Top.
  • The Cartel exposes widespread waste and corruption in education spending and makes a poignant case for school choice.