2010 May Health Care News (full text PDF)

Published May 1, 2010

The May issue of Health Care News leads with President Barack Obama’s signing of the federal health care overhaul legislation … and a report on Virginia’s passage of a “health freedom law” that aims to protect the state’s citizens from government-imposed individual mandates.

Also in this issue:

  • The treasurer of Massachusetts warns the national equivalent of Commonwealth Care could bankrupt the country.
  • Business, unions, and pharmaceutical interests pour cash into advertising.
  • Reform in the name of more-efficient data collection could force patients to disclose more than they wish.
  • The rationale may be public health, but data indicate it’s just a new revenue stream.
  • Language in the federal health care overhaul keeps committee and leadership staff who drafted the bill from being forced to purchase insurance in new exchanges.
  • The future of health care reform could be altered dramatically by lawsuits over whether the individual mandate is constitutional.