2010 May School Reform News (full text pdf)

Published May 1, 2010

The May 2010 issue of School Reform News reports 48 states — all but Alaska and Texas — have signed on to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, an effort led by state governors and education officials to craft a uniform set of national standards for reading and mathematics. But several of those who have signed on, including California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, are nevertheless resisting a proposal by the Obama administration to make federal Title I aid contingent on states adopting the standards.

Also in this issue:

  • On April 22, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist made good on an earlier pledge to sign a measure that increases funding for the state’s tuition tax credit program.
  • Despite opposition from teacher unions and a veto threat from Gov. Pat Quinn (D), a game-changing bill to establish a pilot voucher program in Chicago passed the Illinois State Senate.
  • More than 200 schools in Atlanta and across the Peach State are under investigation for altering answer sheets on state standardized tests.
  • Backers say the updated National Education Technology Plan sets an ambitious agenda for using technology to transform teaching and learning, but ed-tech advocates warn too much federal meddling could stifle innovation.