2022-24 Principles and Goals for All Candidates to Uphold

Published June 16, 2021

The coming political elections are not about politics.

They are about culture, about everything that makes America America.

Culture is a national identity encompassing history, education, arts/entertainment, health, relationships  . . . everything constituting core values of any country. America’s culture is based on liberty and individualism; it includes all aspects of life forming a national “character.” This unique “character culture” is in imminent peril now. Since politicians (with academia and media) largely caused America’s culture crises, the next seated politicians can make or break our country.

Campaigning is already in swing, so following is a list of badly needed legislative actions to send to candidates of both parties.

These ideas are not “Liberal” or “Conservative” nor “Left” or “Right.” They are American.

—Restore Founding principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution by re-activating limited government and upholding the Constitution from an “Originalist” position.

—Overturn “laws” and Supreme Court decisions contradicting letter and intent of those documents. Examples: Obama’s Health Care mandate and the Supreme Court’s employing Eminent Domain for private development.

—Re-establish strong national security from external and internal threats and refrain from militarily or otherwise meddling in internal affairs of countries where America does not have direct security self interest.

—Establish a government-hands-off social environment supporting individual merit as currency for success and upward mobility.

—Honor and demonstrate traditional American ethics—pride in work, honesty, and responsibility–understanding that these values are not particular to any ancestry, race, or specific time and place but are achieved and supported by reason (non-contradictory thought) which is objective and universal to all human beings regardless of situational context or biological/ethnic background.

—Limit or abolish Executive Orders which increase presidential power by over-riding the constitutional three-branch-check-and-balance system.

—Slash/abolish federal agency big-spending programs, including regulations clearly unconstitutional, outdated, or used as vehicles for political agendas — Energy, EPA, NEA — and other wasteful expenditures caused by red-tape regulations on individuals and businesses and begin establishing a balanced federal budget and elimination of bureaucratic dictates.

—Reinstate Laissez-faire capitalist principles (no bailouts/nationalization/semi-nationalization of “too-big-to-fail” companies) and leave economic problems to free-market solutions by the private sector.

—Reverse welfare entitlement mentality by restricting access to federal and state programs only to those who verifiably prove legitimate, immediate need with the end goal of abolishing all government welfare aid and leaving charitable assistance to private organizations as was the case before Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).

—Remove “no-across-state-lines” insurance company regulations and institute legislation permitting individuals to acquire health insurance anywhere in the country, thereby encouraging competition between insurance companies and offering choice for individuals.

—Achieve energy independence by safely drilling into America’s own oil supply — quickly reinstating the Alaskan pipeline — and allowing safely built nuclear energy plants as is the case in Europe.

—Re-energize and respect fundamental constitutional principles: individual rights, private property, and states’ rights; abolish arbitrary transfers of wealth — redistribution — couched in terms such as “economic or social justice.”

—Abolish Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac and work to limit and finally eliminate the Federal Reserve to return all banking business back to the responsibility and liability of the private sector.

— Sever aid to nations hostile to America—Iran, etc. — and curtail aid (bribery) either to gain support for U.S. intervention or institute “democracy” within other countries, both of which have failed in all cases.

— Securely close America’s borders to illegal (undocumented) entry, eliminate “chain immigration,” re-activate self-support or financial-sponsorship as conditions of legal immigration, deport illegal immigrants (including prisoners), fine businesses that hire illegals, and halt free medical care, free education, and endless lists of entitlements/ benefits to migrants.

— Revamp criminal justice—holding judges responsible to the Constitution not to personal inclination — in order to warrant respect from responsible citizens and institute self-sustaining programs into federal prison systems, so convicts on all levels must work within prisons for food and shelter the same as do taxpayers who now support their lives-lifestyles while incarcerated.

— Re-establish and reinforce understanding of the fact that America is not a democracy (majority-mob-rule) but a constitutional republic based on objective, universal principles and ideas not subject to mass-vote for overturning individual rightbut rooted in reason and logic complete with individual rights that protect all people as sovereign individuals not as members of any group artificially fabricated by race, ethnicity, religion, gender preference, or sexual identification.

— Abolish the Department of Education and encourage private schools to compete with curricula and qualified teachers, thereby returning education of children back to the responsibility and choice of parents. This can be initiated by turning public schools into Charter schools and giving vouchers to taxpayers who wish to send their children to private schools.

— Restore the idea of “citizen representatives” by establishing term limits in both the House (three terms maximum) and Senate (two terms maximum) and abolish continuation of monetary compensation and benefits beyond terms of office.

— Establish legislation that requires all elected and appointed individuals on every level of government position to abide by the same laws as the general citizenry.

— Establish caps on extra expenditures — traveling, staff, etc. — used by congressional members to curtail unnecessary costs for “perks” and other abusive and extreme allowances.

America is now seriously teetering on the brink of tyranny.

The great intellectual Thomas Sowell warned back in 2011 that if Biden became president: “There may be no turning back.” Only days ago during a New York Times “Ezra Klein Show” interview Barack Obama (who promised “transforming America”) bragged about how Joe Biden is “finishing the job started by my administration.”

” . . . finishing the job” means top-to-bottom government “control” to quell Obama-Biden-instigated racial/class strife and planned chaos, both historically proven paths to fascism-communism.

COVID-19 was convenient for rehearsing dictates and obedience.

To rescue American culture in general, citizen engagement is crucially needed to diligently vet political candidates. Distribute a Pledge. Ask them to sign. Our Founding Fathers did.

[Originally posted on NewsMax]