A Choice for Every Child

Published March 1, 1999

“This is the plan for every state!” exulted Martin T. Angell on hearing that the Arizona Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the state’s private scholarship tax credit plan. Angell, who is director of A Choice for Every Child Foundation and Every Church a School Foundation, called on choice supporters to unite around the tax credit plan, which he said was constitutional, principled, and politically viable.

“The private scholarship tax-credit utilizes private, voluntary non-government funding in the form of scholarships for children to attend the school of their parents’ choice,” said Angell.

School choice proposals are pending in the Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida legislatures, backed by the governors of those states. A tuition tax credit initiative is expected to be on the Michigan ballot in 2000.

Angell may be contacted through Every Church a School Foundation and A Choice for Every Child Foundation at 9805 Walnut Street #C206, Dallas, TX 75243; 972/699-3446.