A Don’t-Miss Science Conference July 13-14

Published June 17, 2013

An energetic group of medical doctors, nuclear physicists, astrophysicists, climate scientists, and just plain folks desiring to get up close and personal with some of our nation’s greatest scientists will be meeting at the Houston Marriott South on Saturday and Sunday July 13 and 14. The group, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, will be holding their 31st Annual Meeting during the two days.

Applying Science for Societal Good
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) formed in the early 1980s to study potential medical impacts from nuclear events and branched out to study many other pressing issues. Their 2013 meeting is cosponsored by Physicians for Civil Defense and the Access to Energy newsletter. Dr. Jane Orient is the executive director of Physicians for Civil Defense and scientist Art Robinson publishes Access to Energy. 

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Science and Common Sense v. Alarmism and Disaster.” The agenda promises many thoughtful, science-based discussions on how to apply science to reduce real threats to society while not wasting valuable resources pursuing junk-science alarmism. 

Best Conference Yet
In my role as science director of The Heartland Institute, I attend many outstanding conferences. I am taking the unusual step of writing about this one because I have observed a unique occurrence at these Doctors for Disaster Preparedness conferences: the sessions are so incredibly informative and scintillating that almost no attendee misses a single minute of a single session at any these conferences.

Even considering the outstanding DDP conferences in past year, I have never been more excited than I am for the upcoming July 2013 conference. Here is why:

The irrepressible scientist Willie Soon will explain why most efforts to measure sea level have failed.

Larry Bell, a professor of space architecture at the University of Houston, will explain how we design habitats in space.

Steve Goreham, author of Climatism and The Mad Mad Mad World of Climatism, will explain the fraudulent underpinnings of so-called sustainable development.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts, who oversees one of the best science websites on the planet, will walk us through how sound science is exposing myth after myth told by global warming alarmists.

Dr. Lee Hieb will present a crash course on the latest in bio-weapons.

Dr. Howard Maccabee will explain walk us through a variety of ill-conceived programs within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Gordon Claycomb, a pilot and aerospace engineer with Lockheed’s Skunk Works, will tell us why our commercial jets have become so much safer and comfortable.

Astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz will explain how the new VASIMR plasma engine may one day carry humans to Mars in as little as 39 days.

Cardiac surgeon Don Miller will revisit the Kennedy assassination and explore all the facts and myths surrounding the tragic event.

University of Pennsylvania professor Scott Armstrong will explain how we should evaluate climate data to produce more accurate climate predictions.

Energy expert Herb Inhaber will explain flaws in power generation from environmental activists’ preferred sources that result in little real-world reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Legendary atmospheric scientist Fred Singer will explore the reasons why President Obama continues to push for unnecessary and ineffective global warming restrictions.

Financial expert Kevin Freeman will give an insightful talk on economic terrorism.

Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin will deliver tales from his great book Merchants of Fear: Radical Environmentalism and the Cult of Anti-Humanism.

Economist Robert Bradley Jr. will illustrate how economist Julian Simon’s debunking of resource depletion myths is every bit as applicable today as when Simon first began debunking the myths several decades ago.

Nuclear engineer Matthew Robinson will investigate thorium as a competing fuel source for nuclear power reactors and explain how thorium may lead a revolution in safer and more economical nuclear power.

Geologist and pollution expert Harrison Brundage will put a beat-down on fake medical scares.

Best of all, audience members are encouraged to participate in question-and-answer sessions.

Where’s Jay?
For anybody choosing to attend this conference, I will pay you $100 if you catch me missing even a single minute of a single session.

To register, call 520-325-2680. See you in Houston!

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. ([email protected]) is science director of The Heartland Institute.