Accountability Requirements of Existing School Choice Programs

Published May 1, 2003

Independence Institute researcher Marya DeGrow has compiled an informative list of the accountability requirements of current voucher and tax credit programs, from tuitioning in Vermont and Maine to the latest tax credit and voucher programs in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

The accountability requirements for each program are detailed under the following headings:

  • Internet link to the enabling state statute;
  • Internet link to rules governing the program;
  • Internet link to state regulations governing private schools;
  • Program information, such as testing requirements and maintaining eligibility.

For example, here are some of the details included in the program information on the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP):

  • No state requirements for private schools to administer tests of any kind.
  • Private schools need not be accredited to participate in the MPCP.
  • Private schools may not require a student to participate in religious activities if the parent has submitted a written request to exempt the student from such activities.

DeGrow points out that while some accountability requirements might appear reasonable on their face, they may be unnecessary and could be costly to implement. For example, the Florida Opportunity Scholarship Program requires private schools to be accredited, even though it is not a common practice for elementary schools to be accredited.

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The research profile by Marya DeGrow, “Accountability Requirements for Non-Public Schools Participating in Voucher or Tax Credit Programs,” is available at the Web site of the Independence Institute at