Adventus Releases New Music Instruction Bundle

Published August 1, 2000

Adventus Inc., a supplier of innovative technology for music education, has announced the release of its Piano Suite version 2.1, a set of hardware and software tools designed to enhance instruction in an instrumental or general music program.

Piano Suite bundles a high-quality keyboard, cable, and software in a package that connects the keyboard to a student’s classroom or home computer. The student can play an exercise, then use the program’s vivid graphical and audio feedback to accelerate his or her skill acquisition. Optimized for Novell and Windows NT network environments, the package allows record-keeping for an unlimited number of students at a cost-per-seat of under $200.

The Piano Suite bundle includes a self-paced interactive music theory course, an effective and easy-to-use learn-to-play engine, and a content library with 400 songs, 65 licensed pieces, and over 600 arrangements. Also included is a composer for importing, recording, and editing music, a comprehensive music history course, and several well-designed educational games.

Adventus offers toll-free, human customer support at 1-888-999-6434. Piano Suite has recently entered the market in 15 countries and four languages.

Intended for beginner and intermediate use in schools, the projected “usability” of the software is about five years, according to the company, providing an incentive for students of any age to learn to play, sight-read music, and compose.

Early adopters of Adventus technology include Yamaha Japan, whose music conservatory has registered over 600,000 students.

Adventus also produces Opus 1: Challenger, a musical chess game for grades 9 and up, and Kodaly Composer, tools and content to supplement a Kodaly music program for grades 1-6.

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