Affordable Energy Summit Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Published August 21, 2015

Heartland Institute, Libertarian Party of Nevada, and National Black Chamber of Commerce
Host Event to Counter Obama’s Clean Energy Summit

The federal government needs to promote affordable energy options to bring about an economically sustainable future, speakers representing a broad coalition of citizens, policy groups, and political parties will emphasize at the Affordable Energy Summit 8.0 taking place Monday, August 24 in Las Vegas. Speakers include Democratic and Republican elected officials, energy policy experts, and members of minority communities that will be hit particularly hard by proposed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency restrictions on conventional energy.

The Affordable Energy Summit will take place at the Foundation Room atop the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino, simultaneously with U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s Clean Energy Summit 8.0, also at Mandalay Bay.

President Barack Obama will keynote Harry Reid’s Clean Energy Summit, but President Obama’s anticipated call for government to promote wind and solar power at the expense of conventional energy will inevitably cause skyrocketing electricity prices while providing little if any net environmental benefits.

“Energy is the lifeblood of our economy. Higher energy prices have the same stifling impact on our economy as higher tax rates. The only difference between the two is people might get something back from government in return for higher tax rates,” explained Heartland Institute senior fellow James Taylor, who will speak at the conference.

“Not only do the shockingly high costs of wind and solar power punish American living standards, but they fail to produce any net environmental benefits,” Taylor added. “Wind turbines kill 1.5 million birds and bats each year and require developing vast amounts of pristine land to produce even just a small amount of electricity. Solar thermal power drains prodigious amounts of water from bone-dry deserts and concentrated solar panels incinerate thousands of birds in mid-flight. There is nothing ‘clean’ about gruesome killing spectacles and turning America’s most treasured undisturbed lands into industrial wind and solar farms.”

The Affordable Energy Summit is being sponsored by The Heartland Institute, the Nevada Libertarian Party, the Policy Research Institute, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Democratic and Republican elected officials from Nevada and Arizona will speak at the Summit. Other speakers include Niger Innis of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, tribal leaders of the Navajo Nation, Nevada political commentator Wayne Allyn Root, and representatives of The Heartland Institute, the Nevada Libertarian Party, and the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

More information is available at Press contacts: Gene Koprowski, [email protected] (312) 377-4000,  and James Taylor, [email protected] (312) 377-4000.