Aging Japanese Cedar Plantations Still Sucking CO2 Out of the Air

Published February 27, 2014

As more CO2 goes into the atmosphere, Japanese cedar plantations keep removing some of it, even as they exceed their initially allotted life span… Read More

Risk of Warming via Methane Release by Permafrost Degradation (25 Feb 2014)
Several researchers have speculated that high-latitude methane emissions, which could potentially represent a strong feedback to the climate system, might increase as climate change warms and melts permafrost. This new study suggests otherwise… Read More

Errant CMIP5 Modelling of South American Tropical Precipitation (25 Feb 2014)
In comparing the CMIP5 models with the CMIP3 models, some progress is noted; but there is still a long, long way to go before climate reality is replicated by computers… Read More

Reef-Building Corals Acclimating to Elevated Water Temperatures (25 Feb 2014)
According to the authors of this new study, “there is now a growing body of evidence to support the notion that corals inhabiting more thermally unstable habitats outperform conspecifics from reefs characterized by more stable temperatures when exposed to elevated temperatures”… Read More

Longwave Feedbacks in Climate Models (26 Feb 2014)
Apparently, there exists “no consensus in terms of the sign of the longwave cloud feedback among the GCMs,” at least under the parameters of this study. And such sad state of affairs will likely persist for some time to come, as “more studies are still required to understand how clouds modify global warming, even with regard to the longwave aspect alone,” before progress can be achieved… Read More

Four AR5 Climate Models Attempting to Replicate the AMO (261 Feb 2014)
In their closing remarks about the far-less-than-perfect abilities of the four AR5 models to adequately replicate real-world observations of the AMO, Kavvada et al. almost too graciously state that “without a proper incorporation of low-frequency natural variability in climate simulations, decadal predictability and the accuracy of climate projections under different climate change scenarios remain compromised”… Read More

Plant Responses to Very Low Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations (26 Feb 2014)
A meta-analysis of low CO2 growth experiments reveals the planet’s vegetation suffered greatly back in the CO2-depleted air of glacial times compared to the CO2-enriched air of today… Read More