ALEC Celebrates 25 Years at Annual Meeting in Chicago

Published October 1, 1998

The American Legislative Exchange Council’s 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois, on August 18-22, 1998.

Formed by state legislators in 1973, ALEC is the nation’s largest bipartisan, individual membership association of state legislators, with nearly 3,000 members across America. ALEC members have an impressive presence in the leadership of state government, with 45 Speakers and Speakers Pro Tem; 29 Senate Presidents and Presidents Pro Tem; 30 Senate Majority and Minority Leaders; and 42 House Majority and Minority Leaders. ALEC alumni include 12 sitting Governors and 77 Members of Congress.

ALEC’s Founding Charter emphasizes that state governments are vital to the success of the federal union and endorses two fundamental principals: that “nothing should be undertaken by a higher echelon of government which can be accomplished by a lower echelon”‘ and that “individual freedom demands strict limitations on the power of all levels of government.”