Anti-2nd Amendment, Anti-Energy Bloomberg’s Latest Big Money Assault On Freedom

Published October 8, 2018

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg long ago joined a coterie of Leftists billionaires – who have become snide caricatures of themselves.

Most especially the Leftist billionaires who claim “environmentalist” bona fides.  They want the government to ban actions and activities they claim harm the planet – all the while they are engaging in those actions and activities orders-of-magnitude-more than do We the Peons.

Once Democrat Vice President Al Gore is the most famous such hypocritical Leftist billionaire.  Gore in fact made his billions – hawking this Greatest Scam on Earth.  That would be Global Warming – oops, I mean Climate Change.  He has won a panoply of awards pushing his hyped-beyond-reason nonsense.  And he’s a total hypocrite.

Al Gore’s Climate Change Hypocrisy Is As Big As His Energy-Sucking Mansion

Also behold Tom Steyer.  His main Leftist cause – is banning all actual energy – oil, coal, etc – that fuels our free market economy.  Which is more than a little ironic – since he made great chunks of his billions dealing in just those energy sources.

But the fake energy sources Steyer champions and in which he is heavily invested – wind, solar, etc – can not exist without two things:

  1. Real energy sources to back them up, and
  2. Massive government money subsidies.

So Steyer is pushing fake energy policies – that if implemented would result in real, MASSIVE government crony money…for him.  And actually be worse for the environment than the real energy sources he seeks to ban.

The Epic Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer

Our intrepid hero-du-jour Bloomberg – absolutely belongs in this un-august company. In fact – it reminds of this exchange from the Hollywood epic “Caddyshack“:

Judge Elihu Smails: “You know, you should play with Dr. Beeper and myself. I mean, he’s been club champion for three years running and I’m no slouch myself.”

Ty Webb: “Don’t sell yourself short Judge, you’re a tremendous slouch.”

Bloomberg is just such a tremendous slouch.  A huge, hypocritical, anti-real-energy “environmentalist” slouch.

Bloomberg just did this:

Michael Bloomberg to Cut $20 Million Check to Senate Democrats

But this is just Bloomberg’s latest anti-Reality massive donation – in a slew of recent history anti-Reality massive donations.

Bloomberg began his post-New-York-City-mayoral anti-Reality activism – by attacking the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg Pledges $50 Million to Build Network to Fight NRA and Seek Stricter Gun Control Laws

But Bloomberg has time and again offered up his inanity and his money on a whole host of issues.  Absolutely including energy – and his attacking it.

Bloomberg’s Hidden Legacy: Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg Launch ‘America’s Pledge’:

“Today, California Governor Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg launched America’s Pledge on climate change, a new initiative to compile and quantify the actions of states, cities and businesses in the United States to drive down their greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

“Since the (Donald Trump) White House announcement of its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, an unprecedented number of U.S. states, cities, businesses, and colleges and universities have reaffirmed their support for the Paris Agreement through collaborations including the “We Are Still In” declaration, the Climate Mayors coalition of cities, the U.S. Climate Alliance group of states, and others.

Bloomberg and Brown announced their new Climate Change nonsense organization at…The United Nations.  Shocker.

Bloomberg wants to tax carbon dioxide.  Not carbon monoxide – which is a poison.  Carbon dioxide – which is what all things bushes, plants and trees inhale.

Get that?  Bloomberg and his fellow Tree Huggers – want to massively tax the very thing trees and all other things flora need to live.

Bloomberg’s carbon tax – will literally make the planet less green.

When it comes to carbon dioxide: Don’t hate – respirate.

Bloomberg’s nonsense yet again demonstrates: The “green” Leftists actually want – is our money.

As in: Taking it from We the Peons – and handing it to Bloomberg and his fellow hypocritical, anti-Reality billionaires.

Via governments, of course.

And of course when Bloomberg and his ilk take ever more of our money – they take ever more of our power.

Bloomberg is just and yet another Leftist overlord.  Who wants to lord over We the Peons.

Bloomberg will do it via disarming us.

And Bloomberg will absolutely do it in the name of Global Warming – oops, I mean Climate Change.

Whereby Bloomberg steals our money – and crushes our ability to ever make any money ever again.

[Originally Published at RedState]