Arctic Clouds and Sea Ice in CMIP5 Climate Models

Published December 11, 2013

How well are they represented? Based on the research findings of this study, not very well. And commenting on the ramifications of such inadequacy, the authors state: “the fact that present-day sea-ice albedo is so badly constrained in GCMs [global climate models] impacts the fidelity of future scenario assessments of the Arctic region and should therefore be a concern for the modeling community”… Read More

Creating Global Climate Models for Agricultural Impact Research (10 Dec 2013)
The authors of this study state that “future outlooks of agricultural production and food security are contingent on the skill of GCMs [global climate models] in reproducing seasonal rainfall and temperatures.” An assessment of that “skill,” however left much to be desired, with the authors concluding that it could well be decades before they are useful… Read More

Solar and Planetary Influences on Global Climate Change (10 Dec 2013)
They may be very significant, as the authors of this report concludes that “about 50-60% of the warming observed since 1850 and since 1970 was induced by natural oscillations likely resulting from harmonic astronomical forcings that are not yet included in the GCMs”… Read More

Respiration of Cold-Water Corals in CO2-Enriched Seawater (10 Dec 2013)
No significant change in respiration was found as a function of increasing pCO2, which finding held true across the full range of pCO2 studied (up to a high of 1215 µatm). As discussed in this review, such a finding is very good news for cold-water corals… Read More

Cold-Water Corals Feeling Laboratory Heat … and Loving It! (11 Dec 2013)
Conventional wisdom fails again, as the results of this study suggest that two cold-water corals (CWC) “may be capable of surviving in warmer environments than previously reported, and thus challenge temperature as the paramount limiting environmental factor for the occurrence of some CWC species”… Read More

Projecting Global Changes in Precipitation Extremes (11 Dec 2013)
With all of the trouble researchers seem to find with the ability of the world’s most cutting-edge climate models to “predict the past,” so to speak, it makes little sense to put much value in what they are predicting for the future… Read More

Earth’s Changing Biosphere (11 Dec 2013)
Another scientist comments on a very important paper, writing that “the biosphere is changing, and changing rapidly”… Read More