As Teachers, We Believe …

Published April 1, 2000

All of the educators on the Teachers’ Advisory Board of the Children’s Scholarship Fund signed on to the following Statement of Principles:

  • Children are the reason for a system of education, and that system’s needs must never take precedence over the needs of children.
  • Parents and guardians, not government, have primary responsibility for and authority over their children’s education.
  • Teaching is a profession and good teachers deserve recognition and compensation based on their performance.
  • Government currently controls the vast majority of schools in this country; our system of education would be improved by a multitude of providers as opposed to a government monopoly.
  • A market-based education system will expand educational options for families, employment opportunities for teachers, and will reward entrepreneurship.
  • Like all other American success stories, American education should use a system in which the best new approaches to teaching and learning can emerge from the marketplace of ideas.