At Least Ten Percent of Public School Kids Attend a Charter in More Than 200 Districts

Published October 25, 2017

Charter school enrollment is on the rise, proving, once again, anything is better than traditional public schools:

“Charter school enrollment is continuing to tick upward in cities across the country. And in 208 districts, at least 10 percent of public-school students attended a charter last school year.

That’s according to the annual analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, an advocacy group that tracks the sector of publicly funded, privately run schools. The year before, 190 districts had reached that 10 percent threshold.

It’s a trend line with profound implications for school districts — which often have to reshape themselves as local charter sectors grow, keeping students and funding outside of their purview — as well as teachers unions and families.”

If charters are attracting such droves of children, imagine what true choice – where innovation can truly thrive – would bring in the way of families!



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