Banished: Reason and Logic and Racial Comity

Published July 11, 2007

The recent article about the heralded death and interment of the infamous N-word (“Banished, Thousands say Good Riddance To N-word,” July 10) highlights how the Democratic Party is the only hope for much-maligned and verbally impugned American blacks to change the culture of Washington, D.C., to a caring non-racist nanny-state which guarantees that no American, white, Hispanic, or even Black, will henceforth hurl that infamous epithet toward some unsuspecting black victim. When we abandon the First Amendment free-speech protections in order to ensure that nobody ever has to endure any racist assaults on their dignity and sensibilities, we diminish individual liberties.

As the mayor trashes the Bush administration and the governor demonizes those who want to eliminate racial quotas in state programs, the black youth in Detroit’s depressed downtown and inner-city neighborhoods are offered hollow rhetoric about “mind and word games.”

In the shadow of the grave of Rosa Parks, Julian Bond and the NAACP have abandoned the need to create remedies for the self-destructive, self-inflicted, anti-social behavior within the black community, which is resulting in the destruction of another generation of black males. Instead, we are delighted by a predictable “tickling of the ears” by the fifth column of the DNC, as the NAACP hustles symbolism and essentially banishes reason, logic, and racial comity.

Ralph W. Conner ([email protected]) is local legislation manager for The Heartland Institute.