Battling the Public Education Empire

Published November 1, 1998

In the battle against government control of public education, advocates of parental control have unleashed several weapons:

  • a drumbeat of criticism against the performance of public schools;
  • growing support for school vouchers, particularly among inner-city blacks;
  • the rapid defection of parents to other education options, including homeschooling, which now serves 1.2 million children;
  • the rapid expansion of charter public schools, which have attracted some 200,000 students;
  • the overwhelmingly positive response of low-income parents to CEO America’s private scholarship programs;
  • direct attacks on the power of teacher unions by paycheck protection initiatives; and
  • recent court rulings in favor of school choice, particularly the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Milwaukee voucher program, which includes private and parochial schools.