Big Tech and Big Data vs Private Property

Published January 19, 2021

The advent of the Internet has created for us a New World.

For Collectivist Leftists, a New World means a new opportunity to pretend the laws of human nature don’t apply to humans.

Collectivist Leftists like to think that what’s theirs is theirs – and what’s yours is theirs.

And they like to pretend their incessant thieving will have no long-term human nature-related ramifications.  In fact, they ridiculously attempt to assert exactly the opposite.

Google: ‘If You Don’t Let Us Steal – People Will Stop Making Things for Us to Steal’

New Internet World – same old Collectivist Leftist looting.

Which brings us to Intellectual Property (IP).

IP and its protection is of enormous import.  And always has been.

Our Founding Fathers certainly thought so.  They ensconced IP and its protection in the Constitution:

“[the United States Congress shall have power] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

Abraham Lincoln certainly thought so.  And not just because he is thus far our only president to hold a patent.  Lincoln wasn’t fooling around:

“(Lincoln) called the introduction of patent laws one of the three most important developments ‘in the world’s history,’ along with the discovery of America and the perfection of printing.”

Well that’s pretty important.  And in the New Internet World – it’s even more so.

Because more and more stuff is digital – i.e. intellectual.  Rather than physical.

Unfortunately, Collectivist Leftists built the Internet.  And have pretended from its inception that this New World would be “free.”  Free from the shackles of the physical world.  Shackles…like human nature.  Shackles…like basic economics.  Shackles…like private property protection.

The Internet would be “open”:

“The Open Internet (OI) is a fundamental network (net) neutrality concept in which information across the World Wide Web (WWW) is equally free and available without variables that depend on…financial motives.”

Rather than protecting property on behalf of its owners, the Internet would “liberate” it from its owners.  Because they bizarrely claim “information wants to be free”:

“‘Information wants to be free’ is an expression that means all people should be able to access information freely.

“It is often used by technology activists to criticize laws that limit…general access to information.

“People who criticize intellectual property law say the system of such government-granted monopolies conflicts with the development of a public domain of information.

“The expression is often credited to Stewart Brand, who was recorded saying it at a hackers conference in 1984.”

The New World was founded by Collective Leftists – to the benefit of Collective Leftists.  Little wonder they adopted hacker – thief – principles.  Little wonder – because they share them.

But information doesn’t want to be free.  The Internet’s Collectivist Leftists want it to be free – for them.

The Internet’s Collectivist Leftists realized before everyone else that the coin of the realm they had created is digital data.  We the Users certainly did not.

As a result, the Internet’s Collectivist Leftists became digital data monopolists.  And became Big Tech trillion-dollar oligarchs.

Collectivist-Leftist godfather Vladimir Lenin noted:

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

We the Users gave Big Tech the rope for free.

Big Tech is used to freely getting Big Data.  And/so they never, ever want to pay for anything.  Up to and including IP.

When Big Data Collides with Intellectual Property Law:

“Big data, by its very nature, depends upon access to huge quantities of information in order to grow, to thrive, and to continue wielding its power….

“In layman’s terms, big data is all about uninterrupted, unfettered, and fully attainable access to information; something completely at odds with traditional IP protections and rights, many of which pre-date the digital age by centuries….

“This, unsurprisingly, creates a number of conflicts. Creators deserve and withhold the right of intellectual property protection. The digital age and the world of big data present challenges to these rights which were hitherto unimaginable.”

Unfortunately, Big Tech doesn’t view this as a “conflict” or a “challenge.”  They simply revert to type:  What’s theirs is theirs – and what’s yours is theirs.

Apple incessantly steals IP:

“Apple’s Bud Tribble: ‘If you take something and make it your own … it’s your design and that is the dividing line between copying and stealing. That is part of Apple’s DNA.'”

I’m sure that ridiculous sentiment resonates with Apple theft victim Qualcomm.

Apple and Qualcomm Have Settled Their Epic Lawsuit over Chip Patents

Microsoft incessantly steals IP.  Including, famously, from Apple – and vice versa.

Apple Versus Microsoft: The Top Twenty Stolen Ideas of the OS Wars:

“Steve Jobs once said that Microsoft stole Windows from Apple, but both sides have snatched plenty of ideas over the years.”

Google incessantly steals IP.

Behold: An Avalanche of Headlines Chronicling Google’s Systemic Theft

Here’s hoping Google will soon get a little high court comeuppance.

Google And Oracle’s Decade-Long Copyright Battle Reaches Supreme Court

Amazon incessantly steals IP.

Amazon Reportedly Invested in Startups and Gained Proprietary Information Before Launching Competitors, Often Crushing the Smaller Companies in the Process

Facebook was created via IP theft.

Inside the Decades-Long Cage Match Between Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss Twins

Our Big Tech oligarch overlords have grown quite accustomed to getting away with exactly what they want – whenever they want.  In fact, they now demand it.

Big Tech’s Domination of Business Reaches New Heights

Big Tech Is Creating a Dangerous Censorship Precedent

Obama-Biden Was Owned and Operated by Big Tech, So…

The New Cronyism: Big Tech Censors Conservatives – Democrats Deliver Crony Policies

Which bodes VERY poorly for IP and its protection.

Big Tech feels free to steal all the IP.

Which bodes VERY poorly for our economy, society – and future.

We Are Surrounded by Intellectual Property – Until We Aren’t

Because human nature exists digitally too.

[Originally posted on RedState]