Bill McKibben Toys with Climate Facts for Fun and Profit

Published January 21, 2017

In his January 18 Wired article titled “It’s Time to Stand Up for the Climate — and for Civilization,” climate-alarmist Bill McKibben compiles one of the most amazing lists of untruths I have ever read in a short piece. He rails against the common sense President Trump is now aiming at the trillion dollars now flushed down a rat hole by the world, which dances to the tune of global warming alarmists – all of whom profit directly financially, or by the fame they have achieved scaring unsuspecting citizens of our planet.

A short list of his toying with facts includes:

  • John Tyndall, in the middle of the 19th century, did great research on greenhouse gases. But he proved no such thing as man controlling the temperature of the planet.
  • Svante Arrhenius horribly exaggerated the greenhouse gas theory, ultimately creating the mess of man caused global warming that alarmists have foisted on the public.
  • The 1958 measurements at Mauna Loa proved nothing whatever regarding global warming.
  • McKibben says only a small band of deniers do not accept man caused global warming and yet 31,000 scientists signed a document questioning the credibility of man-caused global warming. Read the Oregon Petition Project, headed by Dr. Arthur Robinson, for yourself.
  • Finally Denmark has to sell most of its wind energy across its border as it is too expensive for local citizens.

How McKibben sleeps at night amidst his non-stop proliferation of lies is beyond me – though I expect he has profited handsomely in some way or another.