Brexit’s Fine Line Between Committing and Correcting

Published June 30, 2016

By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil

Donald Trump’s rise in political power seems to be America’s angry message to its leadership just as the Brits sent a blistering message in the form of “Brexit” to their leaders. The recent vote to leave the European Union sent shock waves throughout Europe and various parts of the World.  Political leaders and the media in both the United States and Europe expressed bewilderment, or perhaps an unwillingness to understand that Americans and the Brits have the following in common: both are disgusted with the inability of their leaders to resolve basic problems, such as a failed immigration system.

It is incumbent upon a government to be concerned about its own citizens first, not other countries or foreign immigrants, no matter how urgent the need may be. The majority of British citizens no longer had faith in their elected officials to protect their own country’s interests, and they retaliated through the ballot box with a referendum to sever ties with the now 27-member European Union.  Will what happened be a wake-up call to other EU countries? Germany has warned that five European countries may seek to follow Britain’s lead in leaving the EU in a Brexit domino effect.

Many, if not most, people in America are also concerned with problems with our own leaders. After electing a majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate without seeing any appreciative changes in the country’s direction, voters were primed for Donald Trump’s candidacy.  His nomination by Republican voters telegraphed to D.C. a clear and direct message that the majority was through talking and being ignored.   If our present officials aren’t interested in listening to us throughout the year, we will find those who are.  Britain wants to take back their independence, and we want to take back our country from a runaway congress and President.  Both of our countries want secure borders and immigration rules and regulations applied and honored.  We do not want the U.N.’s interference or any other country dictating our laws. 

Our government has gradually changed time-honored laws and practices to the degree they are no longer are in sync with the country our forefathers bequeathed  to us. Socialism has been forced upon us, even though history proves the system does not work; it never has for any significant period of time, making it a mystery as to why Bernie Sanders drew large, approving crowds. Has a large portion of Americans become so ill informed that they are unaware of how and why this nation became great while once thriving countries like Cuba and Argentina failed?  Certainly people are not so obtuse as to believe in a socialist/communist government when history has continually proven it cannot succeed. Certainly the hand that feeds them will one day come back to bite them! 

British citizens began realizing the European Union as a giant socialist program in which the strong countries ended up supporting failing ones.  This they tolerated, but when their neighbors also took in millions of refugees and expected them to do so as well, they began to see they were quickly losing their sovereignty and their very identify.  Taking in the masses of immigrants was an act of kindness, but it was largely unappreciated.  It drained the country’s finances and many of the refugees did not appreciate the sacrifices being made and instead broke laws and refused to assimilate.  Many also detested the culture and the people who had been charitable.  The Brits began to realize they were quickly losing more than their nation’s identify, they were losing their precious England as it had been for many centuries. The majority of Brits were eager to regain the sovereignty and freedoms they had lost. 

Eric Metaxas in his article “Is American Liberty Over” warned,  “We are being hollowed out silently from within by termites – and a hollow, brightly painted shell called “America” will soon exist where America once stood.”

Many U.S. citizens are as concerned as Metaxas about the liberal changes that have been creeping into our government and culture.   Trumps’ rallying cry “Make America Great Again” resonated with the public.  

What first attracted the American public to Trump?  Without a doubt, it was his promise to “Build that Wall”.  This promise may have lost the Hispanic vote, but it resonated with a nation of people who have grown weary and wary of our immigration laws being compromised and in some cases completely ignored.    We do not want the refugee problem Europe is enduring, and while we are compassionate and willing to help, we do not want our nation changed as we see it happening in England, France, Germany, Sweden, and other European nations.  Some nations are on the verge of losing their ethnic identify due to open borders, mass immigration, and the push toward globalism.  There was a reason our forefathers made and enforced immigration laws; they are there to protect a country’s citizens and its sovereignty.  

Prime Minister Cameron’s reaction was admirable, choosing to resign, realizing the vote was an indictment on his leadership. Cameron had staked his re-election on not allowing Brexit to happen.

It is doubtful Cameron was the initial cause, but Cameron was smart enough to realize that the game was up.  Leaders of any country cannot continue to allow the U.N. or anyone else to influence decisions that are contrary to what is best for their own countrymen.  Other solutions to correct the immigration problems must be sought.

Trump immediately called the Brexit results a “A great thing”.  He went on to say there was a “big parallel between “Brexit and the USA. Race.”  Will American voters think that as well?  Absolutely!  Trump’s popularity over seasoned political candidates is America’s message to D.C. that we know politicians are not listening.  Trump’s message promising to get the nation back to the values and principles that made us great resonates with people.  Trump has said it is not our role to resolve the problems of the World.  Many agree with him, stating “America First.”

Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley (advisor to Margaret Thatcher) made the following comment to England on his final broadcast to his fellow countrymen on the eve of Brexit:

We, the people, are the masters now. Our politicians will have to reacquire the habit of listening not to them but to us. Here, and in the rest of Europe, and eventually throughout the world, let freedom ring!  Thank you, America, and God Save the Queen!

May a majority of our own countrymen come to the realization that when laws no longer represent them or the intentions of our forefathers, that it is time to speak out, which can be done verbally and/or at the ballot box.  Our forefathers were brilliant, but more than anything else they had wisdom and a selfless nature rather than a self-serving one.  When arrogant leaders think they are above the law, voters must find new leadership.  The British just proved it can happen.

There is a fine line between keeping a commitment and knowing when to make a correction.  The advantage both American and British citizens have is they live in countries whose laws permit their citizens to decide when that line has been crossed.  Our voices will be heard via the ballot box on election day. 

[Originally published at Illinois Review]