‘Bring Out Your Dead’ ‘Bank Crisis’: Fake News for Big Banks

Published June 14, 2023

Every business actually loathes competition.  Monopoly is easy.  A flourishing marketplace is hard.

Big Business – like Big Government – is sclerotic and slow in its hugeness.  Thus making it harder for it to mobilize and adapt to changes caused by competition.

When small businesses get within a country mile of competing – Big Businesses are forced into action.

In the Good Olde Days – when we had a free market? That meant Big Biz improved their goods and services – to stave off their small competitors.  Or they lost market share.

The Good Olde Days – are LONG gone.

In the Good Olde Days – we had small government.  Now we have unfathomably huge Big Government.  And Big Gov – is in the cronyism business.

Big Gov is selling policy favoritism.  Big Biz is best equipped to buy it.  The hugeness that makes it harder for Big Biz to compete?  Makes it easier to buy Big Gov cronyism.

Now?  Instead of improving goods and services – Big Biz bribes Big Gov.  And Big Gov imposes laws and regulations that benefit Big Biz.

More laws and regulations – are more expensive with which to comply.  Small businesses can’t afford Big Gov.  Big Biz can.

And that’s if Big Gov imposes itself equally upon everyone.

Most often: Big Gov tailors its impositions to best favor Big Biz.

Very often: Big Biz themselves write the laws and regs Big Gov then implements.

Because that’s fair, right?

So Big Biz gets better and better at Big Gov fascism.  It gets worse and worse at business.  And thus – things get worse and worse for the rest of us.

As I’ve said for many years:

“We are now in the Time of the Bigs: Big Government, Big Media, Big Education, Big Tech, Big Business, etc.

“The Bigs dominate the nation – in no small part because they are all in league together.

“This is where the fascism kicks in.  When Big Government works hand-in-glove with the nominally private Bigs – that’s fascism.”

Which brings us to the recent attempt by the Bigs to manufacture a banking crisis.

Big Banks began really dominating their sector – after they wrote the exceedingly awful Dodd-Frank “too big to fail” law that was signed into existence in 2010.

Dodd-Frank murdered 1000s of small competitors.  Which allowed the Big Banks to get 30% bigger.

In the wreckage-strewn hell-scape left by Dodd-Frank?  Some small banks annoyed Big Banks – by managing to continue to exist.  And perhaps even worse, payday lenders – the tiniest of the tiny – were offering loans to the poorest of the poor…who the Big Banks had long ago forsaken.

This could not be allowed to stand.  The Bigs again got to work.

‘Too Big to Fail’ – to ‘We Only Need 3 or 4 Banks’ – in 13 Years

Born was a new, fake news “banking crisis.”

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What You Need To Know About The U.S. Banking Crisis And Its Market Implications

What you need to know is:

There was no banking crisis.  There was a Big Gov fabrication – so as to try and close as many small banks as possible.

Please do not misunderstand:

Big Gov’s idiocy did create a situation where small banks could fail.

Big Gov printed trillions of dollars – then cranked up interest rates to clean up their money printing mess.  This has certainly made things worse for everyone – small banks included.

But Big Gov’s idiocy – didn’t murder anywhere near as many Big Bank competitors as was hoped.

So Big Gov started declaring banks dead – whether or not they were actually dead.

It brought to mind Monty Python:

Small Bank:                           “I’m not dead.”

Fed Board Member A:         “He says he’s not dead.”

Fed Board Member B:         “Yes he is.”

Small Bank:                         “I’m not.”

Fed Board Member A:         “He isn’t?”

Fed Board Member B:         “Well, he will be very soon, he’s very ill.”

Small Bank:                          “I’m getting better.”

Fed Board Member B:         “No you’re not – you’ll be stone dead in a moment.”

Fed Board Member A:         “I can’t take him like that.  It’s against regulations.”…

Fed Board Member B:         “Well do us a favor.”

Fed Board Member A:         “I can’t.”…

Small Bank:                         “I feel happy.”

Fed Board Member B:         “Look, isn’t there something you can do?”

Fed Board Member A:         < Slams Small Bank on the head with a club. >

Fed Board Member B:         “Thanks very much.”

< And on to the death cart goes Small Bank. >


All for the benefit of the Big Banks.

We are just supposed to take the word – of Big Gov.  That the three banks The Fed murdered – were actually going to die before The Fed murdered them.

Given Big Gov’s track record on the truth?  I’m not at all comfortable with that assumption.

How huge, awful and dishonest has Big Gov gotten?

Dood-Frank co-author Barney Frank was just swallowed by it – just thirteen years after helping create the modern Big Bank monster.

As a candidate whose campaign I ran was fond of saying:

“If you’re going to feed that alligator – you’d best use a long-handled spoon.”

Regulators Didn’t Have to Shutter Signature Bank, Says Dodd-Frank Act Co-Author Barney Frank, Who Helped Oversee the Lender: ‘We Could’ve Continued’

How much do I loathe Big Gov?

It’s forcing me to agree with Barney frigging Frank.

And so went the 2023 fake news “bank crisis”….