Call to Pull Children Out of Public Schools

Published September 1, 1999

A new coalition of concerned parents and educators is calling for parents to pull their children out of public schools and educate them in the safety of their homes or private schools, according to a recent news account from the Daily Herald, based in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

The group, called S.O.S. (Save Our Students) Class Rescue, also is drafting proposals for new public school safety laws, including requests for metal detectors and armed security guards.

“The time has come to establish safe educational private and home school havens,” said Paul Lindstrom, superintendent of Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights. “Can we do anything less for our children?” he asked, referring to “the public school war zones.”

The Academy is a college preparatory school that educates 900 students on campus and serves the curriculum needs of another 50,000 students across the country who are home-schooled by their parents. According to Lindstrom, lack of moral instruction is one of the reasons for student violence in public schools.

Another group promoting the rapid withdrawal of children from what it calls “a corrupt public school system” is the Columbia, South Carolina-based Exodus 2000, which was active before the Columbine High School massacre. According to director Ray Moore, home schooling and private schools are much more effective ways of educating children. Nationalized public education should be eliminated altogether, he says, since there is no constitutional provision for it.