Chemical Industry to Make Multi-Million Dollar Commitment to Research

Published July 1, 1997

Reinforcing its commitment to carrying out sound science in the pursuit of environmental quality, the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA) has announced that it will devote $16 million over the next two years to further investigate the basic mechanisms by which chemicals interact with the environment and the human body.

CMA hopes that by practicing what it preaches it can set an example for regulatory agencies to use better science and incorporate risk considerations in making decisions.

The need for research in order to develop new tools and make better decisions has been particularly apparent with the endocrine modulation issue, explains CMA President Fred Webber. “Research is the key to determining whether exposure to very small amounts of certain chemicals in the environment can interfere with the endocrine system and lead to harmful effects on wildlife and human health,” Webber said.

Of the $16 million commitment, $3.2 million will be used to expand CMA’s endocrine research program over the next two years. “There will be those who will doubt our sincerity and the level of commitment,” Webber continues. “To those critics, as well as our colleagues in government, academia, and industry, we ask that you work with us. Offer us advice, consider cooperative projects, but let us all work together to seek answers and make informed decisions.”