Chemicals in Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Published November 1, 2002

Menu analysis prepared by staff, directors, and scientific advisors of the American Council for Science and Health, with technical assistance from Dr. Ruth Kava, Director of Nutrition, and Dr. Leonard Flynn, scientific consultant.

Cream of Mushroom Soup Hydrazines

Fresh Relish Tray
Carrots aniline, caffeic acid
Cherry Tomatoes benzaldehyde, caffeic acid, hydrogen peroxide, quercetin glycosides
Celery caffeic acid, furan derivatives, psoralens

Assorted Nuts
Mixed Roasted Nuts aflatoxin, furfural

Green Salad
Tossed Lettuce and Arugula with Basil-Mustard Vinaigrette allyl isothiocyanate, caffeic acid, estragole, methyl eugenol


Roast Turkey heterocyclic amines
Prime Rib of Beef with Parsley Sauce benzene, heterocyclic amines, psoralens

Bread Stuffing (with onions, celery, black pepper & mushrooms) acrylamide, ethyl alcohol, benzo(a)pyrene, ethyl carbamate, furan derivatives, furfural, dihydrazines, d-limonene, psoralens, quercetin glycosides, safrole

Cranberry Sauce furan derivatives

Broccoli Spears allyl isothiocyanate
Baked Potato ethyl alcohol, caffeic acid
Sweet Potato ethyl alcohol, furfural

Rolls with Butter
acetaldehyde, benzene, ethyl alcohol, benzo(a)pyrene, ethyl carbamate, furan derivatives, furfural

Pumpkin Pie benzo(a)pyrene, coumarin, methyl eugenol, safrole
Apple Pie acetaldehyde, caffeic acid, coumarin, estragole, ethyl alcohol, methyl eugenol, quercetin glycosides, safrole

Fruit Tray
Fresh Apples, Grapes, Mangos, Pears, Pineapple acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, caffeic acid, d-limonene, estragole, ethyl acrylate, quercetin glycosides

Red Wine, White Wine ethyl alcohol, ethyl carbamate
Coffee benzo(a)pyrene, benzaldehyde, benzene, benzofuran, caffeic acid, catechol, 1,2,5,6-dibenz(a)anthracene, ethyl benzene, furan, furfural, hydrogen peroxide, hydroquinone, d-limonene, 4-methylcatechol
Tea benzo(a)pyrene, quercetin glycosides
Jasmine Tea benzyl acetate