Chicago Think Tank Ads Create Political Rift in Czech Republic

Published September 17, 2007

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September 17, 2007

Tom Swiss
The Heartland Institute
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Chicago Think Tank Ads Create Political Rift in Czech Republic
Global warming ad campaign features Czech President

CHICAGO – The Heartland Institute, a Chicago based free-market think tank, has become the lead news story in the Czech Republic. Heartland is running a year long $1,000,000 ad campaign entitled “Global Warming is Not a Crisis” in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Times. The ads feature prominent politicians and scientists who challenge the science behind Al Gore’s global warming crusade.

Currently, the ads feature a photo of Czech President Vaclav Klaus juxtaposed with a photo of former Vice President Al Gore. These pictures are under the theme “Freedom, not climate, is at risk,” and title “Global Warming is NOT a Crisis.” The ads also feature President Klaus’ upcoming speech on global warming at the United Nations on September 24.

The Heartland ads have created a political rift in the Czech Republic because politicians fear they will jeopardize their chances of becoming non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. The opposition politicians claim that island nations will vote against the Czech Republic because they fear significant loss of land due to oceans rising as a result of global warming.

Joseph Bast, president of Heartland explained, “This demonstrates why President Klaus’ speech and position are so important. Al Gore has stated the oceans may rise 20 feet due to global warming. The reality is the oceans may rise 1 millimeter a year, if at all. The highest estimate of oceans rising is 23 inches over the next century from the United Nations report. Most scientists think it will only be a few inches.”

Al Gore cites a Washington Post article, not peer reviewed scientific literature for this claim.

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