Citizens’ Petition to Rein in EPA

Published August 23, 2012

The Heartland Institute is circulating a petition urging Congress to rein in an Environmental Protection Agency that has gone “rogue” in recent years, seizing unauthorized power for itself that robs us of property rights and economic vitality. Read More

Plant Diversities on Sixty-Six Warming European Mountaintops (21 August 2012)
Although mountaintop warming throughout all of Europe between 2001 and 2008 did indeed lead to upward migrations of several plant species, those at the tops of the mountains were not “pushed off the planet” as climate alarmists are wont to claim… Read More

Acidification Effects on Deep-Sea Corals and Other Megabenthos (21 August 2012)
Would you believe they are almost nil? Indeed, the five researchers who conducted this study say they “found little evidence that carbonate under-saturation to at least -30% affected the distribution, skeletal composition, or growth rates of corals and other megabenthos”… Read More

Winter Snow Accumulation in the Andes of Chile and Argentina (21 August 2012)
There has been nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about winter snow accumulation in the Andes of Chile and Argentina over the past few decades, when the world’s climate alarmists claim the Earth warmed to a degree and at a rate that they describe as unprecedented over the past millennium or two… Read More

The Roman Warm Period in Southwest Scotland (21 August 2012)
Once again we have another manifestation of the fact that in numerous places around the world, it was just as warm – or warmer – some two millennia ago than it has been recently, when there was 30% less CO2 in the air than there is today. And this observation strongly suggests that the warmth of today is likely due to something other than mankind’s CO2 emissions… Read More

The South Pacific Convergence Zone: A Real “Swinger” Under the Influence of CO2? (21 August 2012)
A letter to Nature from Cai et al. (2012) demonstrates that the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ) will be stronger and thus more frequently take on a more clear zonal orientation in a future climate where CO2 concentrations increase dramatically. This result occurs in spite of a weaker increase in El Niño occurrence, which has been linked to SPCZ strength and location. This implies stronger variability in the precipitation for the ecosystem of the southwest Pacific… Read More

Dying from Heat in a Warming World (22 August 2012)
To the chagrin of climate alarmists, it’s becoming less common!… Read More

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Warming on Photosynthesis in a Major Desert Biocrust Moss (22 August 2012)
What do the phenomena portend about the future productivity of earth’s desert ecosystems?… Read More

Precipitation Extremes in Morocco (22 August 2012)
Yet another part of the planet “bites the dust” with respect to providing real-world evidence for model-based predictions of warming-induced increases in precipitation extremes… Read More

The Temporal Trend in U.S. Hail Damage (22 August 2012)
Which way is it trending? … and why?… Read More