Climate Change Impacts on Wheat Production in Central Asia

Published December 5, 2013

A team of 20 researchers reports that “the overall simulated impact of climate change on wheat productivity in Central Asia is positive,” noting that “a warmer climate explains most of this positive impact” and that “CO2 fertilization adds to it”… Read More

The Strange “Global Warming” of the Antarctic Peninsula (3 Dec 2013)
There hasn’t been a heat wave there since the start of temperature measurements… Read More

The Indian Ocean Dipole in CMIP5 Models (3 Dec 2013)
How accurately is it portrayed? Much less than desired, as the results of this study “suggest that caution should be exercised in interpreting climate projections in the Indian Ocean Dipole-affected regions”… Read More

Long-Term Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Plant-Insect Interactions (3 Dec 2013)
Elevated CO2 reduced the number of leaves damaged by leaf miners, leaf tiers, leaf chewers, eyespot galls and other leaf galls for all three oak species as well as the one legume examined in both of the years of this study… Read More

Modeling the South American Monsoon System (4 Dec 2013)
How well has it been done to date? Apparently not well enough to know the future, as the authors conclude that “how precipitation during the South American Monsoon System will change in the coming decades is still an open question”… Read More

Simulating the MJO and Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves (4 Dec 2013)
The authors of this work evaluate “the simulation of the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO) and convectively coupled equatorial waves (CCEWs) in 20 models from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) phase 5 (CMIP5) in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) and compares the results with the simulation of CMIP phase 3 (CMIP3) models in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4).” Has their been any improvement over this time?… Read More

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 and Light Intensity on Spinach (4 Dec 2013)
Not only did elevated CO2 increase both the fresh and dry weight of spinich, it improved the food quality, enhancing the organoleptic quality (i.e., its taste, color, odor or feel)… Read More