CO2 Enrichment of a Highly-Prized Chinese Medicinal Herb

Published February 20, 2014

As the air’s CO2 content rises, the abundance of health-promoting adenosine derived from the roots of the Chinese Woad plant should grow right along with it, to the benefit of many people with a number of different health problems… Read More

A Climate Model that Apparently Produces No Realistic Predictions (18 Feb 2014)
So say the authors of a study examining the influence of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation variability on atmospheric circulation… Read More

Is Global Climate Becoming More Variable? (18 Feb 2014)
Many people claim that it is. However, working with global temperature data for the period 1984-2006, the authors of this study demonstrate “the time-evolving standard deviation of globally averaged temperature anomalies has been stable”… Read More

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Juvenile Massive Porites Corals (18 Feb 2014)
The findings of this study “indicate that juvenile massive Porites spp. are resistant to short exposures to OA in situ,” and that “they can increase calcification at low pH and low ?arg if [HCO3-] is elevated,” while this latter finding lead the authors to conclude juvenile Porites spp. may actually “be limited by dissolved inorganic carbon under ambient pCO2 condition”… Read More

Relating to the Reliability of Seasonal to Decadal SST Forecasts (19 Feb 2014)
A new study suggests climate modelers still have a way to go … even for short-term forecasts… Read More

A 2500-Year Temperature History of the Northern Tibetan Plateau (19 Feb 2014)
There is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about either the timing or the degree of warming experienced by the northern Tibetan Plateau over the past century or so… Read More

Central Asia Wheat Production in Two Climate Change Scenarios (19 Feb 2014)
The overall simulated impact of climate change on wheat productivity in Central Asia was found in this study to be positive, with the authors stating “a warmer climate explains most of this positive impact” and “CO2 fertilization adds to it”… Read More