CO2 Science DVD Debunks Global Warming Myths

Published August 1, 2008

When concerned citizens ask me where they can find the best scientific information on global warming–information the media refuses to report– is always near the top of my recommended Web sites.

The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change (known as CO2Science), which hosts the Web site, is Al Gore’s worst nightmare. With three Ph.D. scientists summarizing the latest global warming research reported in the world’s leading scientific journals, provides interested laypersons with easily digested information regarding the latest global warming science.

Real Scientists, Real Science

Sherwood Idso, Craig Idso, and Keith Idso, all Ph.D.s, are the father-and-sons combination that comprises CO2Science. They have recently added another weapon to the arsenal of “skeptics” who refuse to believe speculative computer models and their history of failed climate predictions when compared to real-world scientific observations.

In Carbon Dioxide and the “Climate Crisis,” CO2Science has produced a 53-minute DVD that summarizes the science of climate change and critically examines many of the global warming scares presented by the media. And, unlike a famous movie made by a former vice president, CO2Science has real scientists presenting the findings of objective scientific studies.

In the DVD, Ph.D. scientists explain how climate models work. With so many variables and uncertainties involved, these models actually have a dismal record of predicting future climate or even simply recreating past climate trends, the scientists note.

Computer models for the past 20 years have predicted an imminent, dramatic increase in global temperatures, and yet the real-world climate continues to defy their speculations. The film makes it clear we should not put our faith in computer models that have failed even to reproduce current climate conditions.

Carbon Dioxide and the “Climate Crisis” tells us what scientific observation has to say about our most likely future climate–and it’s far from what the panicky descriptions based on unreliable computer models say.

Ph.D. scientists shown in the film also present the hard science contradicting alarmists’ assertions that global warming is causing or will soon cause a dramatic increase in extreme weather events, that the polar ice sheets are about to disappear, and that the oceans will soon inundate coastal cities.

Science vs. Hollywood

Without the enormous funds and Hollywood expertise bestowed on the global warming alarmists, it is a daunting task to present a crisp, compelling, cinematic rebuttal to such movies as An Inconvenient Truth. However, if you are looking for a concise, visually appealing rebuttal that presents science and scientists instead of myths and power-hungry politicians, Carbon Dioxide and the “Climate Crisis” is for you.

James M. Taylor ([email protected]) is a senior fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News.

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