CON Repeal Attracts More Legislative Support in South Carolina

Published March 30, 2020

      H3823, introduced by Reps. G. Murrell Smith (R-Sumpter) and Nancy Mace (R-Berkeley), has 29 sponsors, and S0990, its companion bill in the Senate is under discussion in the Medical Affairs Committee. The bills would be a full repeal of the state’s CON laws.

    In a newsletter to its supporters, the Coalition to Repeal CON, a group of physicians, patients, and members of the public, states the support in the legislature and other signs indicate repeal could occur this year.

“The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) took note of our efforts early on and has ramped up their opposition,” stated the newsletter.  SCHA “has submitted a proposal for ‘reform’ which has not been received very well by the legislators due to its lack of substance.  This is good news for our effort, but they will be using significant resources to lobby against repeal.”

The Mercatus Center estimates CON repeal could save South Carolina $200 per capita each year in total healthcare spending.

“The philosophical war for repeal of the CON has been won,” the Coalition stated. “Only the incumbent CON certificate holders are left to argue for its maintenance.”

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