Critics Speak Out About AP U.S. History Framework Changes

Published July 31, 2015

The College Board, a nonprofit company responsible for high school Advanced Placement (AP) classes across the country, is taking heat from both sides of the political aisle over revisions to AP U.S. history standards.

A recent Newsweek report offered some examples of the alterations. For example, removal or the rephrasing of mentions of certain attitudes and concepts like xenophobia or social hierarchy.

Some critics have interpreted these revisions as taking too soft a tone on matters like race relations in America. The Washington Post even labeled The College Board’s actions an attempt to “rewrite American history.”

Meanwhile, Stanley Kurtz at the National Review wrote a piece stating the revisions do not go far enough to promote “American exceptionalism.” Kurtz wrote, “Merely referencing the words, ‘American exceptionalism’ isn’t enough. To be meaningful, the concept has to be filled out with powerful examples.”

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Chris Neal ([email protected]) writes from New York, New York.  

Image by Baleighbugg.