Culture at the Crossroads: What You Can Do to Save America

Published December 1, 2017

In an era when it has become “politically incorrect” even to utter that term; when public discourse and protest forums are manipulated or anarchic; when movie house previews “approved for all ages” promote twenty minutes of violence; when candidates are elected for emotional appeal rather than for rational approaches to issues; when it is not possible for parents to trust schools to teach basic history let alone the three “Rs”; when Barack Obama is still trying to “transform” — destroy — America by infiltrating municipalities with community organizers like himself trained in “change” tactics via his nonprofit Organizing For Action (OFA) founded in 2013 while a sitting president; and when citizens are evenly split along collectivist versus constitutional lines, then a crossroads (or cultural “critical mass”) has been reached.

Government is setting the course now, so in 20 years this nation will be fully totalitarian unless “average” Americans mobilize to fight for the values of liberty and individualism, of rational thought and judgment, and the morality of personal integrity. The challenge is great for those of us who embrace the core tenets of our Western-civilization-Enlightenment heritage, who labor to pay our own way in this world, and who wish for government in its limited constitutional role of protecting individual rights (not privileges). To meet this challenge we need viable methods to effectively engage in the battle to win this life or death culture war in which we find ourselves today. Make no mistake: we are in a life-or-death battle to recoup the ideals of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness because America’s internal conflict in every arena is a war of ideas that will play out in real life for better or worse over the entirety of the developed world.

By this late date, most otherwise-common-sense Americans have been pummeled into silence by PC muzzling that has lulled them into 1) accepting group-think as superior to independent reasoning, 2) defining their identity by tribal membership (race, gender, religion, age, etc.), and 3) viewing democracy as “a level playing field” of economic egalitarianism. Over the past few decades we have witnessed the best of traditional American values — honesty, independence, excellence, accountability, productivity — being diluted, denigrated, or plainly upended into near oblivion.

Perhaps most lethal in creating this myopic cultural zeitgeist, an agenda-driven media, the public school system, university level academia, and the entertainment industry have dominated virtually all avenues of communication to the general public, pouring collectivist propaganda into every cranial nook and cranny. As more Americans are waking up to the damage wrought by these message machines, however, rumblings of resistance are signaling a “perfect storm” brewing across the land. This is encouraging because the only hope for a free future is to inform and inspire Americans dedicated to individual rights and rational values to take meaningful action against the rising tsunami of tyranny. Fortunately, history shows that a perfect storm of colliding ideas is often a perfect timefor such action because every crisis offers opportunity.

The immediate imperative to combat the increasing force of government dictates is to identify, evaluate, and provide specific action plans in order to empower every citizen to effectively fight a 21st century War of Ideas. Wars of ideas are not new, and many individuals and citizen-groups nationwide now know something is very wrong. The few who try to oppose are no match for professional manipulators, agitators, or public-relations-marketing teams with degrees in behavioral science who systematically invade not only federal and state governments but also aid in turning our communities into tiny tyrannies.

So what to do? Four short “must reads” will alert concerned citizens to the fact that those who would “transform” America into a homogeneous wasteland are not just political power-lusters. They seek whole-culture control by challenging and then altering belief and value systems via community “guidance” and all levels of education (controlling the mind); dictating healthcare and sexual subjects (controlling the body); housing demographics (controlling property); employment requirements (controlling economics); Internet and IRS snooping (controlling privacy). In short, they aim to obliterate the great experiment that is The United States of America.

Here’s the reading list to become informed:

1. “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky (Barack Obama’s, Hillary Clinton’s, and other progressive activists’ go-to handbook for destroying American freedom from the ground up).

2. “From Shadow Party to Shadow Government: George Soros and the Effort to Radically Change America” by David Horowitz and John Perazzo.

3. “Push Back!: How to Take a Stand Against Groupthink, Bullies, Agitators, and Professional Manipulators” by B.K. Eakman.

4. “LYING AS A WAY OF LIFE: Corruption and Collectivism Come of Age in America,” by Alexandra York. (I would rather recommend another book that quickly but thoroughly lays out the 100+ year purposeful march to cultural/moral demise and political collectivism in America, but I cannot. I wrote this e-book for the urgent purpose of disseminating largely unknown information that provides understanding of our present peril and how we got here. Although I list my own work — a $0.99 giveaway — last, I suggest reading it first because it deals with the other three books and sets the historical stage for understanding their importance. I also list 19 specific actions that can be taken by anyone to protect their person, property, and privacy.

Fair warning: We all have our own soul to report to. If any one of us fails to become informed and fight, that individual is part of the cause of America’s demise. If each one of us takes action no matter how small, we have joined the fight to save our country.

20th century novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand said, “Those who fight for the future live in it today.”

This is a clarion call, and the battle lines are clear: Freedom or force. Constitution or collectivism. Reason or rations. Life unfettered or death by regulation. The hour is late.

[First published at Newsmax.]