Decades of Mass-Subsidized, Mandated Solar Panels – Now Gov Wants to Block the Sun

Published June 18, 2024

My favorite government joke goes something like this:

A guy is driving on a rural two-lane road – stuck behind a county government pickup truck with two guys in the back.

Every fifty yards – the truck stops.  One guy jumps out of the back – and digs a hole beside the road.  The other guy then jumps out – and fills in the hole.

Over and over and over again.

Fed up, the guy behind the truck pulls up beside the guy driving it.

“What the heck are you guys doing?”

“Well, the guy who plants the trees called in sick.”

This.  Is.  Government.

The idiocies.  The redundancies.  The contradictions.

And the waste.  Oh my goodness the waste.

I thought of this joke – when I saw this….

White House Admits It: We Might Need to Block the Sun to Stop Climate Change:

“(T)he (Joe Biden) White House announced that it was funding a five-year-research plan into one of the most controversial proposals for fighting climate change out there: geoengineering….

“The report will be dedicated specifically to a form of geoengineering known as solar radiation management. This is a technique that essentially involves spraying fine aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.”

The Biden Administration wants to block out the Sun.  The source of ALL life on the planet – they are allegedly trying to save.

And these idiots – aren’t the only idiots proposing this idiocy.

Blocking the Sun to Control Global Warming

Should We Block the Sun? Scientists Say the Time Has Come to Study It

A Bill Gates Venture Aims to Spray Dust Into the Atmosphere to Block the Sun

There is SO MUCH IDIOCY to mine here.

In the interest of some brevity – let us focus upon this:

The US government has spent DECADES mass-subsidizing the mass-idiocy that is – solar panels.

The titanic money total has to be in the tens – if not hundreds – of billions of dollars.  I can’t find the exact figure – I’ve looked and looked – because I’m sure it’s being hidden.  Because it is so excruciatingly stupid, infuriating and embarrassing.

And we simultaneously spent those DECADES – mass-mandating we use more and more and more of them.

And now…we’re going to block out the Sun.

In case you’re unclear….

Solar: “relating to – or determined by – the Sun.”

Solar panels are terrible sources of energy (and terrible for the environment – and terribly expensive).

But for them to work – as poorly as they do?  They need to access the Sun.

Which our government is now looking to block out.

Oh…the dumbness.

Care for another example of government dumbness?  There’s plenty you know….

Biden Announces $42 Billion High-Speed Internet Initiative

US to Spend $42 Billion to Make Internet Access Universal by 2030


Biden Has Not Connected One Person with High-Speed Internet with $42.5 Billion from Infrastructure Bill

How very government.

This titanic waste – is on top of the hundreds of billions of dollars government has already wasted on making already-universal Internet access – universal.

DC Wasting 100s of Billions – On Already-100% Internet-Connected America

In fact, the US has been pretty much 100% connected – FOR A DECADE.

Obama Admitted 98% of Americans Were Fast-Internet-Connected – in 2015

And that vanishing 2% – has now vanished.  Thanks to wireless smart phones – and satellite Internet.

Except – shocker – the government isn’t being truthful about any of this.

Government lies – and says ONLY hardline broadband is broadband.  To fake justify the fake need for them – to continue wasting hundreds of billions of real dollars.

Government ‘Digital Divide’ Lies: They Don’t Even Count Your Smart Phone as an Internet Connection:

“We have spent the last several years seamlessly streaming HD videos on our phones. Which by any rational definition is a high-speed, high-quality connection to the Internet.

“But by government definition – isn’t a connection at all….

“Oh: And we’ve had satellite Internet service for many years….

“But by the FCC’s own definition – satellite doesn’t count as an Internet connection either.”

We k now how real and universal smart phones are.

How real, universal and ubiquitous is satellite Internet?

Elon Musk Gave an Amazon Tribe the Internet and Now They’re Addicted to Porn:

“(T)he Starlink satellite company struck a deal with former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, bringing online access to over 66,000 people in the Amazon rainforest.”

A remote tribe in the Amazon jungle gets satellite Internet that is so fast – they can seamlessly stream porn to the point of damaging preoccupation.

I am quite sure they consider satellite Internet – an Internet connection.

But the US government does not.

Elon Musk’s Starlink Denied $900M Federal Broadband Subsidy:

“(I)n its decision, the FCC cited SpaceX’s failed attempts to get its Starship rocket to orbit, stating that the ‘uncertain nature of Starship’s future launches could impact Starlink’s ability to meet’ its obligations.”

Hey FCC: If Starlink can deliver it to the Amazon jungle?  They can deliver it to Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the government is ONLY mass-subsidizing cable Internet.

Meanwhile, America is mass-cutting their cable cords….

Americans Are Cord Cutting In Record Numbers – And It’s Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon

The government would mass-subsidize the horse buggy industry – while everyone was driving to watch the Daytona 500.

All of the above – is but a tiny fraction of the government’s criss-crossing, contradictory Internet idiocies.

Conflicting Federal Policies Threaten Future of Broadband Competition:

“Some federal broadband competition policies may be working against each other leading to a state of confusion among those in the telecommunications landscape….”

Ya think?

Photo by Mark Buckawicki. Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.