Dr. Richard Keen, R.I.P.

Published January 27, 2020

Dr. Richard Keen, who has spoken at several Heartland climate conferences, was with The Heartland Institute in Rome in 2015 to confront the Pope’s climate activism, with us in Oakland to counter an Al Gore’s Global Climate Action Summit in 2018, and in Salt Lake City last September to counter the UN’s Civil Society Conference passed away on Saturday. Rich was battling pancreatic cancer, and the cancer finally won.

I got to spend a good bit of time with Rich as I drove him around in California, and he talked about his illness and how good he was feeling through exercise and keeping a positive attitude. In Salt Lake City last fall, Rich gave no indication that the cancer was winning. He loved life, and was among the nicest and most-patient people I’ve ever worked with on climate at Heartland. I will miss him.

Rich’s nephew Scott emailed me this morning:

He has been battling pancreatic cancer for an unheard of 4 years.  He passed away on Saturday in the home he built, surrounded by his children.  He was an extremely loving and interesting man, a wonderful husband, a loving father, super cool uncle, US Army veteran, scientist, meteorologist, astronomer, author, world traveler, mountain trekker… He lived a full and beautiful life. He will be so missed.

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Bette Grande expressed her condolences:

Very sorry to hear of Richard’s passing. He was one of the sweetest people I had the opportunity to work with. He treated everyone equally with kindness, he never spoke down to us even though he was one of the smartest people in the room. I was blessed to know him and fortunate to sit beside him on a panel. Prayers up for Richard, his family and loved ones. Blessings my friend, Godspeed.

See below all of the videos of Rich’s great presentations over the years at Heartland’s climate conferences. R.I.P. to a great scientist and a great friend of Heartland. His family is in all our prayers.

Richard Keen Rebukes the United Nations Civil Society Conference


Rebutting Alarmism at the Global Climate Action Summit – Day 1 


Rebutting Alarmism at the Global Climate Action Summit – Day 2



Richard Keen – Rome Presentation, April 28, 2015 


Richard Keen – ICCC9 July 9, 2014 


Panel 15 Q&A – ICCC9 July 9, 2014 


Richard Keen, ICCC7


Richard Keen ICCC2