Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Published June 21, 2012

How much is an earlobe worth? Try $30 million.

That’s what the parents of a six-year-old child whose earlobe was bitten off by a dog at a Long Island elementary school playground claim.

The dog’s owner brought the dog to the playground even though dogs are banned. It attacked the young boy, and his earlobe couldn’t be reattached. “This child is going to be significantly disfigured for the rest of his life,” said the lawyer representing the family.

It might have helped if the dog’s co-owner, a professor of emergency pediatric medicine, had rendered first aid, but instead she said, “Everything’s going to be fine, It’s no big deal,” the boy’s father said.

Source: Laurel Babcock and Dan Mangan, “LI dog-attack horror; My son’s ear chewed off: dad,” New York Post, June 5, 2012