Eco-vandals continue biotech campaign

Published January 1, 2002

Members of the anti-technology group Northeast Rage descended on New England grocery stores October 30 to vandalize food and grocery store property in order to scare and intimidate people buying products made with biotech foods.

The scene in Lebanon, New Hampshire, adjacent to Dartmouth College, was typical of the Northeast Rage vandal assaults. Several attackers invaded the store and smeared food packages with “poison” and “biohazard” labels to make persons fearful for their lives after eating the food. In light of the terrorist assaults against our nation, store patrons found the fictitious deadly warnings quite disturbing.

Henry Miller, a fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former head of the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Biotechnology, observed that eco-vandals find inspiration in seemingly “mainstream” organizations.

“By its own admission,” noted Miller, “Greenpeace’s goal is not the prudent, safe use of gene-spliced foods or even their mandatory labeling; rather, the organization demands nothing less than these products’ ‘complete elimination [from] the food supply and the environment.’

“Many such groups do not stop at demanding illogical and stultifying regulation or outright bans on product testing and commercialization,” Miller continued. “They advocate and carry out vandalism of the very field trials intended to answer questions about environmental safety.”