Education Next Offers Research, Commentary, Reform

Published February 1, 2004

The Winter 2004 issue of the scholarly journal, Education Next, has been published by the Hoover Institution. The issue includes articles on autism and inclusion, how to stop fraud in testing, attempts to reform Head Start, retention of teachers in urban schools, why choice is good for teachers, and a series of papers on school finance.

The school finance articles focus on how districts get themselves into financial trouble, with a proposal from William G. Ouchi for avoiding such problems by pushing much of the decision-making out of the central office and down to the schools themselves.

“Why Choice is Good for Teachers,” an article by David J. Ferrero of the Gates Foundation, offers a proposal for “ending the pedagogical holy wars” over the best way to educate children. Rather than seeking to impose “the one best system,” Ferrero suggests educators apply their appreciation for pluralism to education, too, and let teachers choose the school that fits their philosophy.

Education Next is sponsored by the Hoover Institution, the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance, the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.


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The Winter 2004 issue of Education Next is available online at Subscriptions are available from the Hoover Institution through the Education Next Web site, by calling 650/723-3373, or by email to [email protected].