EPA Ripping Off Taxpayers to Support its Policies

Published October 27, 2014

 For those concerned about the U. S. government going in debt $1.5 billion every day, rejoice.  Here is a chief example–EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be in Atlanta October 26 to address the National Congress of American Indians.  (The News Announcement follows this article.)  No doubt she will be giving out large amounts of ‘wampum’ to keep tribal support for EPA regulations that inhibit economic growth of the United States.

EPA gives out grant money (your tax dollars) to insure support for its economy killing policies like the most recent Carbon Pollution Standards (Clean Power Plan).  Look at this waste in the past ten years–6398 grants for $1.8 billion for Indian Tribes. “In its war against fossil fuels, the EPA has a variety of tools of which one powerful help is the grants to a variety of organizations such as governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations called non-government organizations (NGOs). The database shows grants for the past ten years, including earlier grants that started before that time and still continuing, are 34,208 for a total cost of $58.724 billion.  Using a conservative estimate of $100,000 grant money equaling one man-year of effort, this sum represents 590,000 man-years of employment. Many of these workers do the bidding of EPA on supporting its policies.  Enthusiastic support may be necessary for grant renewals.

These grants from EPA included 6398 grants for $1.807 billion to Indian Tribes.  With the U. S. government going into debt $1.5 billion per day, all grants are an extraordinary waste of tax dollars. This activity should be stopped.”

It would be great if a demonstration can be held in front of the hotel protesting this waste of tax dollars.  Going to the link–grants to a variety of organizations shows detail about individual grants.

James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering and policy advisor The Heartland Institute.