Even Obama Can’t Believe Obama

Published December 23, 2013

In response to a question from a reporter (in his year-end press conference) regarding tax reform, President Obama — after saying that the debt ceiling is “not a negotiating tool” — said that he’s open to discussing other issues with Republicans:

If Congressman Ryan is interested in tax reform, let’s go. If he’s interested in any issue out there, I’m willing to have a constructive conversation of the sort that we just had in resolving the budget issues.

But of course, President Obama was no part of the constructive conversation about the budget because everybody in Washington, DC knows that despite all the cries of “Republican obstructionism,” the most destructive force against government getting anything done (not that getting something done is necessarily or always a valid goal) is Barack Obama himself.

In fact, the deal was cemented and announced while Obama was in South Africa flirting with the Danish prime minister.

Furthermore, he has never been open to actual discussions with Republicans about actual good ideas. He sees himself more as a king than as a president. The Bush “imperial presidency” has nothing on this guy.

The good news is that I think nobody other than the most cult-like Obama worshippers believe anything this man says anymore.

[First published at the American Spectator.]