FACE Studies of CO2 Effects on Plants May Be Too Conservative

Published April 3, 2014

Atmospheric CO2 enrichment may increase plant growth and development considerably more than what has long been believed to be the case… Read More

Two Centuries of Sea Level Change Around the North Sea Coastline (1 Apr 2014)
It would appear that there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about the rate of sea level rise throughout both the North Sea and the rest of the Global Ocean over the entire CO2-emitting course of the Industrial Revolution… Read More

Effects of Nocturnal Warming on a Chinese Grassland Species (1 Apr 2014)
Nighttime warming improves the individual biomass accumulation due to photosynthetic compensation, and it may “enhance the population density and productivity of L. chinensis by increasing bud number in the below-ground bud bank during the early stage of ecological succession for grasslands dominated by L. chinensis”… Read More

Marine Invertebrate Larvae in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (1 Apr 2014)
A whole host of marine animals are well equipped to deal with even the worst-case predictions of the world’s climate-alarmists, as they pertain to ocean acidification and global warming… Read More

Sessile Oak: A Tree for All Seasons (2 Apr 2014)
As the tree grows older, it may take a licking (climatically speaking), but it keeps on ticking… Read More

Correctly Modelling the Indian Summer Monsoon (2 Apr 2014)
Despite all that has been accomplished in the quest to correctly model the Indian Summer Monsoon, the world’s climate modelers still have a significant way to go before they arrive at their designated destination… Read More

Modelling Southern Ocean Climate (2 Apr 2014)
Results from this study demonstrate we are still not at the point where we have an acceptable working model of the Southern Ocean that adequately portrays its impact on Earth’s global climate… Read More