Farm Bureau Opposes Global Warming Legislation

Published February 1, 2010

The American Farm Bureau has announced it is opposing legislation aimed at halting climate change. To register the concerns of American farmers and non-farmers alike, the Farm Bureau has posted an online petition on its Web site.

“The current ‘climate change’ proposal does nothing for the climate–it’s a tax on U.S. energy that gives other countries a free pass. That’s just plain wrong,” the Farm Bureau explains in the introduction to its petition.

The Farm Bureau petition observes:

  • The cap-and-trade provisions will hit families hard.
  • The climate change bill will create an energy shortage and reduce food production.
  • Reduced food production means higher food costs in the United States and more hunger overseas.

“The outcome will have an enormous, negative impact on U.S. agriculture,” the Web site explains. “We need you to speak out today and sign the petition. The climate change proposal is bad for agriculture, bad for farmers and ranchers and will threaten any chances at a meaningful economic recovery.”

The Farm Bureau invites you to view and sign the petition at