FCC Launches ‘Parents’ Place’ Web Site

Published October 11, 2010

The Federal Communications Commission has launched a “Parents’ Place” Web site, stating the site will help parents navigate the “complex media landscape” of the Internet with their children.

“Parents’ Place,” launched in September, provides information on topics such as how to locate educational television and radio programs suitable for children in specific geographical locations; how to instruct children about appropriate online behavior; and childhood obesity.

“There is no dearth of information available about media consumption to parents from their schools, from their pediatricians, even from the media itself,” said Ben Boychuk, managing editor of School Reform News (published, along with Infotech & Telecom News, by The Heartland Institute).

“What’s ironic, of course, is the parents who probably should have this information are the parents who are content to let television and video games act as surrogates and nannies for their kids,” he continued. “It’s also amusing to see a prominent link for parents to file complaints to the FCC. What’s better than a complaint form or a V-chip? The off-switch and a book—if parents have the will.”

On the Internet   

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