Floods Across the United States: Trends of the Last Century

Published August 30, 2012

How did the floods vary, as the air’s CO2 content rose by some 32%? In the words of the authors of this paper, “in none of the four regions defined in this study is there strong statistical evidence for flood magnitudes increasing with increasing global mean carbon dioxide concentration”… Read More

Health Effects of Increasing Diurnal Temperature Range in Korea (28 August 2012)
What are its effects on cardiovascular and respiratory hospital admissions and what does global warming have to do with it?… Read More

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coastal Plankton Communities (28 August 2012)
After conducting a series of laboratory experiments the authors of this paper conclude that “it is unlikely” that the plankton community they studied would be significantly affected by oceanic pH changes expected over the next century… Read More

Do Regional Climate Models Realistically Represent Precipitation? (28 August 2012)
A new study of precipitation variability and extremes over Portugal gives one pause for thought as the authors of this study state in their concluding paragraph, “the present results suggest that there is still some way to go in this research”… Read More

Can Bioenergy from Forest Products Significantly and Sustainably Reduce Fossil Fuel Use? (29 August 2012)
Authors Schulze et al. ominously warn “there is a substantial risk of sacrificing forest integrity and sustainability for maintaining or even increasing energy production with no guarantee to mitigate climate change”… Read More

Climate Change and Mushroom Productivity (29 August 2012)
Has warming been good or bad for the friendly fungi that produce the well-known fruiting bodies? … and has the result been good or bad for man, other animal life and the environment?… Read More

Hydroclimatic Extremes in the Basin of the Blue Nile (29 August 2012)
Once again, for another part of the world, and in spite of the oft-repeated “doom-and-gloom” prognostications of climate alarmists, the global warming experienced over the past half-century or so has not led to either extreme increases or decreases in rainfall and subsequent river flow in Africa’s upper Blue Nile Basin… Read More

Does Global Warming Decline with Increasing Elevation? (29 August 2012)
The answer may have important implications for the survival of alpine species in a warming world… Read More