Forecast the Facts Calls People “Evil” for Disputing Alarmism

Published September 19, 2013

Forecast the Facts campaign manager Brad Johnson is ramping up a hate campaign against people who are skeptical of climate alarmism, calling them “evil” in a media statement. Johnson’s hateful rhetoric merely continues a pattern of hate poured out by global warming alarmists directed at people who disagree with their scientific views.

Complaining that Google donates to a variety of groups with various political points of view, including groups that question the alarmist global warming narrative, Johnson said, “Google is breaking its only rule to not do evil by funding outright denial of climate change.”

“Google doesn’t have to be evil to be a part of our democratic system,” Johnson added.

Johnson’s assertion that it is evil to question increasingly untenable global warming alarmism is merely the latest in alarmists’ campaign of hate against people who hold differing points of view. Here are just a few examples:

Johnson wrote a 2011 article with a title proclaiming a psychotic mass murderer “Is a Global Warming Denier.” Wrote Johnson, “Although [the mass murderer’s] conspiracy theories are insane, they are in line with mainstream opinion among American conservatives.”

Last month, Al Gore compared people who question his alarmist global warming assertions to racists, homophobes, and slavery supporters.

Last October, a university professor called for imposing the death penalty on “influential global warming deniers.” Prof. Richard Parncutt was careful to emphasize that he is opposed to the death penalty in general, and “even mass murderers should not be executed.” However, Parncutt argued that skeptics of alarmist global warming predictions are much more deserving of the death penalty than mere mass murderers.

Former NASA top staffer James Hansen called for producers of carbon-based energy to be arrested and put on trial for “high crimes against humanity.” The typical punishment for crimes against humanity is death.