Free-Market Health Care Alternatives Proposed in Illinois

Published May 10, 2006

A proposal calling for market-driven solutions for covering the uninsured and reducing health insurance costs was presented Tuesday, May 9 at a meeting of the Affordable Health Care Task Force (AHCTF), a 28-member committee created as a result of the passage of the Health Care Justice Act during the Illinois General Assembly’s spring 2004 legislative session.

In sharp contrast to proposals advocating either a single-payer system or a government expansion resembling something like the Maine Dirigo plan, the plan features consumer-centric Medicaid reform ideas and targeted approaches for addressing coverage for the four main constituencies of the uninsured: 1) the public program-eligible but not enrolled; 2) non-afforders; 3) voluntarily uninsured; and 4) the chronically uninsurable.

According to John Garven, a spokesman for the group that advanced the proposal–comprised of four licensed insurance agents and two insurance company representatives–the proposal “represents about six weeks of collaboration, 15 proposal drafts, and almost a countless number of hours between the six of us who were engaged.”

To view the complete proposal, click here:

Insurance Industry Representatives’ Access Model Proposal

To view the executive summary, click here: Insurance Industry Representatives’ Access Model Proposal

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