Full transcript of October 2003 National Symposium on Drug Importation

Published October 23, 2003

Elected officials, policy analysts, and business leaders came together in Chicago on October 23 for a National Symposium to discuss the pros and cons of prescription drug importation. Video clips of speakers and a video news release are now available online.

What’s Wrong with Importing Drugs from Canada?
(complete transcript – PDF – 343 kb)
Video News Release
Speakers (in alpha order)
Joseph L. Bast
The Heartland Institute

Introduction (transcript)
The Pros and Cons of Drug Importation (transcript)

Stephen Entin
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation

The Dubious Economics of Drug Importation
video * transcript

Robert Goldberg
Senior Fellow
Manhattan Institute

Small Gains, Enormous Risks
video * transcript

John Graham
Director of Pharmaceutical Policy Research
Fraser Institute

A Canadian Economist’s Perspective
video * transcript

Sean Heather
Executive Director of Congressional Public Affairs
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

It’s Really About Spending, Not Safety
video * transcript

Hon. Chris Lauzen
Illinois State Senator

Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something!
video * transcript

David Miller
Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization

The Danger of Unknown and Unknowable Costs
video * transcript

Hon. Steven Rauschenberger
Illinois State Senator

Not a Solution to State Budget Problems
video * transcript

Grace-Marie Turner
The Galen Institute

Costs, Compulsory Licensing, and Counterfeiting
video * transcript


Appendix 1: The $91 Million Mistake
Appendix 2: Letter from the FDA to the State of Illinois

The event, hosted by The Heartland Institute and cosponsored by the Illinois Manufacturers Association, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, was the first open-to-the-public discussion of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s proposal to import Canadian prescription drugs to lower the state’s spending on Medicaid and public employee health benefits.

The following links provide additional information on the topic, including materials distributed at the Symposium.