Future Global Water Stress

Published February 13, 2014

A better freshwater future is likely in store for humanity in a CO2-enriched world of the future, and that’s a good thing!… Read More

Simulating the South Asian Monsoon: A Revealing Status Update (11 Feb 2014)
In spite of some significant improvements over earlier versions of the three models studied by the authors of this paper, they report “many biases are still present” and the latest versions of the models “still have simulation errors that need further consideration,” revealing the models’ still have much to improve on… Read More

Are Extreme Climatic Events Caused by Extreme Forcing Factors? (11 Feb 2014)
A case study suggests they need not be. According to the authors of this study, “based on the diagnosis of a spectrum of possible outcomes for precipitation over the Great Plains … it is concluded that the extreme Great Plains drought did not require extreme external forcings and could plausibly have arisen from atmospheric noise alone”… Read More

A 1000-Year SST History of the NE Atlantic and Nordic Seas (11 Feb 2014)
As has been found to be the case in so many land-based assessments of the relative warmth of the Medieval and Current Warm Periods, there is nothing unusual, unnatural, or unprecedented about Earth’s current level of warmth … although it could be thought to be somewhat unusual in that, even with the 120-ppm increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration that occurred over the last 1000 years, it is still not as hot now as it was back in the Medieval Warm Period… Read More

Marine Tubeworms in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (12 Feb 2014)
Model projections suggest it will be “down the tube” for the unfortunate creatures, but laboratory observations reveal “predicted coastal warming may not hinder H. elegans ability to build normal tubes even in the face of projected near-future decreases in pH or salinity.” And that is great news for yet another species of marine life!… Read More

Marine Life “Goes with the Flow” of Changing Water Properties (12 Feb 2014)
Recent findings from a massive review of the relevant scientific literature reveal Earth’s marine life is well equipped to deal with predicted changes in the global ocean environment, and is, in fact, already doing so… Read More

Ten Millennia of Pacific Ocean Heat Content and Temperature (12 Feb 2014)
In addition to providing further evidence for the greater warmth of the Medieval Warm Period compared to that of the Current Warm Period, the “inferred similarity in temperature anomalies at both hemispheres is consistent with recent evidence from Antarctica, thereby supporting the idea that the middle Holocene Thermal Maximum, Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age were global events”… Read More